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  • Why You Should Never Solely Depend on Pain Medications

    Why You Should Never Solely Depend on Pain Medications

    Medications are often a quick solution to problems such as back pain. Those with chronic pain however realize that they can’t keep popping pills without dealing with side effects. Eventually, pain medications may actually worsen your health and even your pain. This is especially true if you have been taking narcotic medications for more than a few weeks. Even OTC medicines can have serious side effects.

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  • Is your Chronic Back Pain Causing Depression?

    Is your Chronic Back Pain Causing Depression?

    Coping with chronic back pain can take its toll on the mind, sometimes resulting in a severe form of depression lasting longer than 2 weeks. This kind of depression is called major depression and is often accompanied by irritability, hopelessness, crying spells, fatigue, lack of interest in activities, poor/increased appetite, weight loss/gain, decreased libido and feelings of suicide.

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  • Frequent Headaches? – Watch Your Diet

    Frequent Headaches? – Watch Your Diet

    Did you know that foods you eat may influence your pain levels? Certain foods promote inflammation and certain foods prevent or reduce it. A recent study published in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain linked migraines with certain dietary elements and suggested a comprehensive diet to reduce the frequency of headaches.

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  • Beating Stress-Related Back Pain

    Beating Stress-Related Back Pain

    A certain amount of stress can help you carry out your activities with efficiency, but trying to manage too much for too long, can negatively affect your health. Stress is often associated with health conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease, but it can also cause or aggravate back pain.

    The stress caused by an increased work load, financial pressures, medical conditions etc. can lead to muscle tension in the neck and back causing pain. Managing your stress can help you deal with back pain or prevent it from occurring.

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  • Trigger Point Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Trigger Point Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Pain in the neck and shoulders is often related to areas of muscle tightness or knots called trigger points. These usually involve the trapezius, a broad, flat triangular shaped muscle that overlies the back of the neck and a portion of the trunk with attachments to the shoulder blade and collar bone. The trapezius helps with movement and stability of the head, neck and shoulders. Neck and shoulder pain can also arise from trigger points in the surrounding muscles such as the rotator cuff muscles, deltoids, pectoralis and the latissimus dorsi.

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  • Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

    Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

    The plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue that extends from the heel bone to the toes supporting the arch of the foot. If overstrained, it may become swollen, inflamed and weak, a condition called plantar fasciitis. The pain is usually present on the sole towards the front of the heel.

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  • Is Physical Therapy Really Necessary for Spine Pain?

    Is Physical Therapy Really Necessary for Spine Pain?

    Most people with a neck or back ache like to wait it out or manage their pain with over-the-counter medications. Pain may sometimes be related to activities such as bending down or twisting and we subconsciously avoid or adjust our tasks until we get better. But is this the correct approach for every situation? When we don’t have spine pain properly evaluated there is a chance that a small problem can grow bigger and more complicated.

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  • Can Nutrition Changes Help Back Pain?

    Can Nutrition Changes Help Back Pain?

    Most people suffering with chronic back pain are always focused on finding the right medication or the best exercise to improve their condition, but did you know that the way you eat can influence your level of pain or that poor food choices can in fact worsen pain?.

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  • When Low Back Strain Pulls You Down

    When Low Back Strain Pulls You Down

    Low back pain is often caused when one of the muscles supporting your lower spine is pulled. A sudden or forceful movement may put undue stress on the lower back causing damage to muscles or ligaments. This can lead to pain and spasm that can stop you in your tracks.

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  • Relieving Sciatica Symptoms at Work

    Relieving Sciatica Symptoms at Work

    Anyone with sciatica knows that the situation can worsen at any time. It may be easier to manage things while at home, but what if you’re at the office and have a full day’s work ahead of you? Do you just take the rest of the day off or can you somehow manage your pain and stay productive

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