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  • How to Feel Happier in just a few minutes

    How to Feel Happier in just a few minutes

    Sometimes no matter how hard you try to think about everything you have positive in your life, you still can't feel happy. However happiness is not only a feeling; it is also a decision.

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  • Tips to Feel Happier at Work

    Tips to Feel Happier at Work

    According to studies, people who are happier also work harder and are better at getting work done. Here are a few ways to make an immediate impact on your work life happiness.

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  • Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Life Now

    Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Life Now

    During certain times in our lives, we need to make big changes to feel like we are making improvement. Every day people are ending relationships or starting new ones, moving houses, and quitting or starting new jobs. However, sometimes all it takes to feel improvement is something small. Here we will talk about eight simple ways that you can improve your life now.

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  • 6 Ways to Live a Longer and Happier Life!

    6 Ways to Live a Longer and Happier Life!

    For most people, living happier or living longer seem like completely separate sections of life. Some of us might think about making it to 90 or even 100 years old. On the other hand, some us might be thinking about how to just feel happier from day to day. What most people do not realize is that living happier and living longer can go together hand in hand. Here are 6 simple tips that you can apply right away to make your life happier and help you be healthier.

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  • How to get out of your sad mood NOW!

    How to get out of your sad mood NOW!

    It's completely fine and normal to feel sad sometimes in your life. However if you're constantly sad and not feeling happy, there can be cause for concern. If you have short-term sadness that is triggered by a key cause like something that happened in your life, you should stray from your normal routine and change things up a bit to help your mood. On the other hand, if you are extremely sad in the long-term you may have depression and need to seek out the help of a doctor.

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  • Five of the Best Sleep Hacks Just for You!

    Five of the Best Sleep Hacks Just for You!

    This one is for all the people who have their work or school papers on their nightstand regularly or those of you who choose to do work from the bedroom when you get home. Physically seeing things that remind you of work and stress will not help you get restful sleep. Keeping the bedroom clean and neat will help you sleep better and will not have you thinking about unneeded stress before you go to sleep.

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  • Alleviating Headache with an Occipital Nerve Block

    Alleviating Headache with an Occipital Nerve Block

    Severe headaches at the back of the head and neck may involve the greater occipital nerve that travels through the muscles at the back of the head and into the scalp providing sensation to the back and top of the scalp. An occipital nerve block involves injecting medication around the greater occipital nerve to relieve pain. It prevents pain signals from reaching the brain and can provide relief for months.

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  • Stem Cell Therapy - A New Hope

    Stem Cell Therapy - A New Hope

    Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that utilizes the body’s natural healing mechanism to treat various conditions. Stem cells are present in all of us acting like a repair system for the body. However, with increasing age fewer stem cells are delivered to the site of injury. The goal of Stem Cell therapy is to amplify the natural repair system of the patient’s body.

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  • Troubled by Text Neck

    Troubled by Text Neck

    Technology is constantly advancing to make things easier, but it can sometimes result in new harmful habits that didn’t exist before. Phones are no longer used to just make calls, but have a whole host of activities to keep you socially engaged and organized. Activities such as texting for prolonged periods can place excess strain on your neck and shoulders. The term “text neck” has been used to describe this condition.

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  • Yoga for a Healthy Spine

    Yoga for a Healthy Spine

    Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline which was first practiced in ancient India. There are various schools or types of yoga with different goals. Certain aspects of yoga in the form of low-impact physical exercise, meditation and other instructions have been shown to have numerous physical and mental benefits.

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