To provide the highest standards of medical diagnosis and treatment recommendations through a network of centers who share a common purpose of obtaining the maximum results in the shortest time. We aim to keep up with advanced technologies and diagnostic options in all our clinics worldwide.


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Spine MT

Spine MT is an innovative device to treat discs. A non surgical customized disc treatment equipment. You just relax on the Spine MT machine and experience the weightless decompression. You just need 30 minutes to feel the improvement. Spine MT is a specialized equipment for herniated discs. It works in three dimensions to assist in disc treatment and spine correction.

Principles of a 3 step therapy:

Step 1: Mobilization mode Spinalis, Sacroiliac joints, facet joints.

Step  2: 3 dimensional decompression, correction mode for IVD therapy.

Step 3: 3 dimensional mobilization correction mode for IVD therapy.

BTL Magnetic Theraphy

Magnetic field therapy is a proven medical approach used for pain therapy and tissue healing acceleration. BTL magnetotherapy units are the most powerful on the market. Touch-screen operation and preset therapy protocols allow for an easy and effective therapy.

IDD Theraphy

IDD stands for Intervertebral Differential Dynamics. It's a non-surgical decompression treatment, meaning it takes pressure off squashed discs in your spine, gently restoring mobility. We use it to treat sciatica, neck and low back pain, and injuries commonly known as “slipped discs”.